Canal Seine-Nord Europe: Egis and its partners to manage the engineering and construction of sectors 2 and 4


Egis, the lead contractor in the One consortium (Ingérop, ISL, SBE, MDP et NEY & Partners), has been awarded the comprehensive programme management contract for the two main sectors of the iconic Seine-Nord Europe Canal.

This project will connect the basins of rivers Seine and Oise with the 20,000 km high-capacity north European waterway network, thanks to a canal stretching 107 km from Compiègne (Oise department) to Aubencheul-au-Bac (Nord department). Egis and its partners will be responsible for the comprehensive engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) of sectors 2 and 4 (respectively 48 and 38 km of the route) including the construction of many highly technical works and structures.

The Seine-Nord Europe Canal is a central link in the Seine-Escaut high-capacity European waterway corridor. By connecting up the Seine and Oise basins with the north European high-capacity waterway network, it will enable the transportation and consignment of river freight and generate modal shift from road to waterway. This will lead to the substantial decongestion of the French A1 motorway and significant reductions in carbon dioxide emissions. By way of example, a high-capacity barge can carry up to 4,400 tonnes of goods, representing the equivalent of 220 heavy goods vehicles.



Key figures:

  • 107 km of “high capacity” waterway
  • 54 m wide and 4.5 m deep.
  • 6 locks
  • 4 aqueducts (notably aqueducts over the Somme)
  • 61 road and rail bridges
  • 4 multimodal platforms
  • 5 cereal quays
  • 2 transhipment quays
  • 1 water storage reservoir
  • 4 departments visited in Hauts-de-France (Nord, Pas-de-Calais, Oise, Somme)
  • 5.1 billion euro provisional budget

EPCM of nearly 80 km of the route

Egis and its partners will manage the project for nine years, from design studies through to construction supervision and commissioning, on the two main sectors of the Seine-Nord Europe Canal:

  • Sector 2, 48 km in length running from Passel to Allaines
  • Sector 4, 28 km in length running from Etricourt-Manancourt to Aubencheul-au-Bac

These two main sectors cover nearly three quarters of the total route length and call for exceptional technical prowess in the areas of earthmoving (55 million cu.m of cut) and watertightness (4,.5 million sqm), but also in reinstatement structures, hydraulic structures, and the management and landscaping of backfill in the surrounding area (materials transportation).

Cutting-edge expertise for sharp issues

The project engineers face significant challenges in their project management to control costs, meet deadlines and coordinate all the different forms of expertise and engineering trades.

More than 60 experts from the various companies in the consortium will thus be assigned from project kick-off and brought together in two project workspaces: one in Compiègne (sector 2) and the other in Lille (sector 4).

The project will be required to meet high BIM standards (Building Information Modelling) to fulfil goals relating to interface management, the production of deliverables, quantity calculations, 4D planning and communications. Egis took the decision to position its BIM approach as a design management tool, associated with concurrent engineering, eco-design and innovation approaches.

A project with weighty sustainability challenges

The Seine-Nord Europe Canal is also designed to reflect a powerful environmental integration and sustainability approach, encompassing the protection of water resources, landscape integration, the limitation of the energy footprint, the preservation and enhancement of the living environment, project cost control and the development of the local economy.