"City on alert", our Flood Risk Monitoring and Management System


"City on alert" (Ville en alerte), a tool developed for the Montpellier Metropolitan Area by Egis teams. Discover the video presenting the challenges of this system, including an interview with Christophe Lescoulier, Director of the Egis Flood Risk Division.

This tool, developed by the Egis / Synapse / Ceneau / Comatis group, enables risk anticipation and crisis management on an inter-municipal scale, in a collaborative manner, in real time, with all local players. Set up as a pilot project on the territory of the EcoCité de la Métropole de Montpellier, the main objective of this tool is to anticipate and therefore reduce the consequences of flooding on goods and people.

A tool selected by the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition to illustrate the theme of a territory's resilience to flood risk. 

This "city on alert" system works around 3 components:

  • rainfall sensors, water level sensors and cameras that are installed in strategic locations in the Montpellier metropolitan area ;
  • risk scenario system based on feedback from past crises ;
  • a collaborative platform through which all of the actors involved in the crisis can intervene and manage in direct time the actions that they carry out on the territory.

The tool enables the sharing of crisis management information such as road closures, detour arrangements or emergency interventions such as evacuations or shelters.

The Egis Flood Risk Division team carried out this project by designing a library of hazard maps covering the full range of episodes encountered and representing the different hydrological scenarios. This library of hazard maps is scalable.

The "city on alert" evolutions are being developed for general public access, a smartphone version and extended to themes other than flood risk.

From left to right: Jean-Luc Feron, Fabien Richier, Caroline Hemain, Clément Chetoui, Céline Faelens, Christophe Lescoulier and Damien Briois - Photo credit: Egis - Anne Tessier