Ecuador: Egis wins construction inspection for 210-km multi-purpose pipeline

To satisfy the market demand for fuel, a multi-purpose pipeline (poliduct) running for 210 km is to be built between the port of Guayaquil and the centre of the country. Egis has just been selected for an extensive 23-month assignment to inspect the construction work carried out on the infrastructure.

This 210-km poliduct (carrying diesel, petrol and liquid petroleum gas) is designed to support the economic development of the south of the country. It also comes as a response to the safety issues and risk of environmental pollution engendered by the current transport solution, where fuel is carried by truck from Pascuales, near the port of Guayaquil, to Cuenca. 

The poliduct project includes the following components:

  • Construction of six pumping stations
  • A new distribution terminal located midway along the pipeline
  • The extension of the Chaullabamba storage terminal in the city of Cuenca.

The contract awarded to Egis is for the extension of the fuel transportation, reception and distribution system. It is to last 23 months and comprises the following tasks:

  • Review of engineering studies conducted by the builder of the Pascuales-Cuenca poliduct; 
  • Review of procurement and manufacturing of all the equipment provided by the builder and the client EP Petroecuador for the construction work;
  • Construction supervision for the civil works, engineering structures, mechanical and electrical equipment, instrumentation and control command system of the Pascuales-Cuenca poliduct; 
  • Ensuring compliance with standards of health, safety and environmental management plans.

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