Egis, 50 years on the Rails


2018 marks Egis’s 50th anniversary in the area of urban and railway transportation. 1968 was the year in which the firm Semaly was founded to build the first metro line in Lyon.

50 years later, the company has more than 300 projects to its name: the clear proof of its undying passion and commitment to the industry.

Since the creation of the Lyon metro, Egis has coordinated and delivered a multitude of projects all over the world: the Doha and Grand Paris metros, the Kenitra-Tangier HSL, the Sud Europe Atlantique HSL, the Nice and Birmingham LRT systems and the Brest cable car, to name the most recent among them.

​Over the years and through all of these projects, Egis has risen to a wide range of challenges by developing new innovations such as the high-capacity metro of the 1990s or the “alternative tram” in the 2000s. Today, Egis remains at the cutting edge: a leader in BIM and an active figure in the transportation of the future such as Hyperloop and autonomous shuttles.

Its creativity and its capacity to adapt to local conditions and assemble the most specialist skills from all areas are the values through which Egis fulfils its clients’ challenges. Writing new chapters in its history that began 50 years ago, the Group relentlessly continues to innovate to imagine, create and achieve the projects of tomorrow.


2018: the adventure goes on! On the Grand Paris Express, the Kenitra-Tangier high-speed line or the Bangkok Metro, Egis designs the projects of tomorrow.


Crédits photos : © Mario Renzi, Alain Guillemaud, Thinkstock - Leonid Andronov, Samuel Duplaix, Philippe Loubet, Eric Laurent, Egis India, Egis, Thinkstock - Metlion, Bruno Plumet, Avant Première