Egis awarded the concept study for a Network Operating Control Center in Hanoi, Vietnam


Four metro lines are currently being developed in Hanoi and each of those lines will ultimately roll out its own system (Line 1 and 2 are supported by Japanese ODA, line 2a by Chinese ODA, line 3 by ADB and AfD). Lines 4 and 5 are just around the corner. BRT systems are also gaining momentum and are believed to be further developed in a nearby future. Tighter integration of those systems is of the essence for this bustling city of 8,1 millions habitants.

Egis was just awarded the development of a concept study, aiming at assessing the opportunity of implementing a Network Operating Control Center (NOCC) that could mesh further these developing metro lines, bridge systems gaps and oversee the city growing mass transportation network. Our experts will have to look at actual plans and system specifications, assess the stakeholders scope of responsibilities, benchmark network monitoring practices from other countries and propose what an effective NOCC could actually bring to our ultimate client, the Hanoi People’s committee.

This exciting concept study – financed and procured by the World Bank - is expected to last for 4 months. It will mobilize our best experts from France, supported by local resources.

Egis has built up a solid reputation in urban transit and railway engineering in South-East Asia. And our in-house experts are thrilled to keep on supporting further infrastructure development in the region.