Egis to contribute to urban services improvement plan in Southeast Asia


Egis has signed a framework contract for more than 3 years with the Asian Development Bank to make cities more “livable” in six Southeast Asian countries.

The Asian Development Bank wishes to support the authorities of six Southeast Asian countries (Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia and Laos) in financing and delivering plans to make their cities more “livable”. Southeast Asia has recently entered a phase of severe urban transition, characterised by a massive rural exodus and the concentration of populations in often chaotically-expanding urban centres. The estimated total budget of the projects is approximately €1 billion.

Over the space of three and a half years, Egis will provide technical assistance to the Asian Development Bank through a framework contract for the preparation of its “sub-projects” of urban water (drinking water, wastewater and drainage), solid waste management and urban planning.

Subsequent contracts will include master plans, feasibility studies, detailed design studies and assistance with contractor procurement contracts.

A unit of Egis experts specialising in drinking water, wastewater, urban planning, environment and contract award will work at Asian Development Bank headquarters in Manila (Philippines) for to coordinate and manage sub-projects. Other forms of expertise at Egis will be deployed as each of the sub-projects kicks off.

This contract will provide Egis with an opportunity to display its multidisciplinary cutting-edge expertise in improving inhabitants’ quality of life and to guarantee a sustainable future to major cities in Southeast Asia through adequate infrastructure.