Egis, digital engineering for the benefit of people


The countless opportunities made possible by digital technology constitute cornerstones from which to create smart cities, deploy the mobility of the future, and design, build and operate structures, buildings and infrastructure in different, more sustainable ways. To stake its place in industry 4.0 which is having an increasingly powerful effect on the construction sector, Egis has made digital technology its number one priority.

As the climate and digital technology are two interconnected challenges, we intend to focus our efforts on conducting a responsible digital transformation that puts people at the forefront.

"Being smart is about contributing more connection, services and user-friendliness, but also more inclusion, better living conditions, resource efficiency and stability in the long term." Martine Jauroyon, Chief Transformation and Sustainability Officer and member of the Egis General Management Committee.

Watch this video to learn how Egis intends to continue and accelerate its digital transformation in the coming years!