Egis expertise at the service of Irish Rail transport

Egis, associated with DB Engineering & Consulting and CPC Project Services, has just won a project management contract for the modernization of the signalling system for Irish Rail "Iarnród Éireann", over a period of 7 years.

Ireland's rail network is approximately 2400 km long and allows the movement of more than 600 passenger trains and 10 freight trains per day.

Egis' mission, for Iarnród Éireann, is to pilot the implementation of a new signalling system derived from the ERTMS (European Railway Traffic Management System) level 1, to improve network safety thanks to the speed control and crossing block boundaries control functions. The mission concerns the deployment of the "ground" system and the "on-board" system. The new system will have to be reliable and durable and will thus make it possible to maintain the current train fleet.

With this new mission, Egis once again demonstrates its expertise and know-how in railway project management.

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