Egis participates in the extension of the Ashar hotel complex in Saudi Arabia


Egis participates on behalf of the French Agency for the Development of Al Ula (AFALULA) in the extension of the Ashar hotel complex, near Hegra (a UNESCO World Heritage site) in Saudi Arabia.

The Ashar Valley is already home to the Maraya Hall, an exhibition, conference and showroom. The site, which already includes 35 villas, will be expanded with 47 new units, bringing the number of high-end villas to 82, along with a superb spa and several gourmet restaurants, nestled in the natural landscape of Ashar Valley. AW2 Architecture Workshop is in charge of the creation of this large-scale project.

The Royal Commission for Al Ula (RCU) has signed an operating partnership with the Accor Group via its BANYAN TREE brand.

The ambition of the Royal Commission for Al-Ula is to make it an exclusive destination that can welcome 2 million visitors per year, in all seasons, to offer them transformative experiences and a welcome full of authenticity.

Egis has general engineering missions, as well as road and network infrastructure missions.