Egis supports 4 Brazilian cities in their “Smart City” initiatives


Egis, on behalf of the French Development Agency, will be supporting the cities of São Paulo, Recife, Curitiba and Belo Horizonte in their transition to smart cities.

As part of a cooperation program, the French Development Agency is capitalizing on experience acquired in smart city projects in France to support the four Brazilian cities in developing strategies and innovative projects suited to their local issues.

The method: adapting French technological and organizational innovations to the needs of the Brazilian cities and amalgamating them with local digital initiatives so that the cities become more inclusive and sustainable. Given that 80% of Brazilians now live in built-up areas, 20 of which have over one million inhabitants, this is a huge challenge.

During the next two years, Egis will support these four Brazilian cities in various innovative aspects such as open data strategies, centralized urban management using big data and an urban hypervisor (a platform that centralizes data on transport and urban services) and smart mobility solutions.

The participating cities will therefore benefit from a hub of common knowledge incorporating lessons learnt in France: research visits to French communities, organization of hackathons in Brazil (collaborative project-related competitions with associated training), workshops, UX design (design generated from user experience), training seminars and pre-feasibility studies etc.

In addition to being able to share the French experience, this project will also provide the technical teams from the four Brazilian cities with tools and operational knowledge that will help them to define and implement their short-term projects.

An opportunity for the Egis group to demonstrate its experience in the areas of sustainable cities and smart mobility, which is already having an effect in Brazil. Egis is already supporting the city of São Paulo in improving its road traffic flow and manages the traffic control center in the city of Jundiaí (São Paulo State). It is also assisting São Paulo State in the day-to-day operation of almost 2,500 km of its road network.

With its 1,000 employees and a turnover of €31M in Brazil, Egis is one of Brazil’s 10 leading engineering firms, supporting its clients throughout their project value chains, from consulting to operation.