Egis will participate to the CAPA Qatar Aeropolitical & Regulatory Summit in Doha

Jacques Khoriaty, Middle East & South Asia Aviation, will be a speaker at the CAPA Qatar Aeropolitical & Regulatory Summit in Doha on 5-6 February 2019. The two day Summit will bring together aviation regulators, airlines and global suppliers with an interest in aviation market access for high-level discussions.

On February 6th at 11:30 am, he will take part to the session : "Is airport privatisation and corporatisation good for industry and consumers?"

It is no secret that the airline industry is confronted by a crisis of infrastructure. As passenger traffic has bloomed, well above long term growth rates in recent years, the level of congestion at many of the world’s major airports has seemingly reached tipping point. Governments are rarely prepared to fund new expansion, even where environmental pressures allow it. So, seeking private funding appears to be the solution. But striking a balance between attracting private financing and achieving national economic goals has become a seemingly intractable problem.

  • Positive/negative impacts of airport privatisation
  • Often natural monopolies, will airports always be regarded as a desirable asset?
  • What form should regulation take, in order to strike a balance between national and private interests?
  • What are the alternative ownership models to privatisation?
  • What do governments need to consider when deciding  whether airports should be privatised?
  • Taxation: raising revenue for infrastructure vs encouraging connectivity and trade

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