Extension of the line 14: new success on the Grand Paris Express project


As part of the Séléné consortium, made up of Setec planitec btp, the mandatory, and AIP, Egis has just won a contract for the general coordination of the construction to extend South line 14 on behalf of RATP as part of the Grand Paris Express.

An Olympic extension

RATP has entrusted this mission to the Séléné consortium to ensure the commissioning of an automatic metro line linking Orly to St Denis Pleyel in preparation for the 2024 Olympic Games, and to provide a facilitated connection between airports via the future line 17.

The central role of this mission is therefore to have an overall vision, from execution studies to testing, to ensure the coordination of works and to federate the project players around the challenges and deadlines set by the Olympic roadmap.

The scope of this project is about 14.4 km of tunnel, 8 train stations (including 3 under project management by Société du Grand Paris and Aéroports de Paris), a maintenance and storage site and also the implementation of transportation-related systems, including the renewal of the driver assistance system (SAET), one of the major challenges of the project!

Egis, a major player in Europe's largest urban project 

This mission is in line with the various projects carried out by Egis around Europe's largest urban project: the Grand Paris Express, which covers a total of 200 km of automatic lines, i.e. as many as the current Paris metro, and 68 stations. For several years, Egis has been a key partner of the Société du Grand Paris in charge of the project.

Since the summer of 2013, Egis has been in charge of the systems project management for all lines 15 South, 16 and 17, in a consortium with Setec ITS, the infrastructure project management for line 16 with Tractebel, and the project management of the Maintenance and Storage Site for line 15, located in Champigny, in partnership with Richez & Associés. Since 2016, Egis has also been prime contractor for the systems for the entire line 18. Egis also managed the infrastructure project management for line 15 East from autumn 2016 to autumn 2019 (date of the transition to design and construction of lines 15 East and 15 West).

Since June 2020, Egis with its partners Setec Planitec BTP and Ingérop under the name Keiros consortium, have won the general coordination missions for lines 16 and 17, as well as for line 15 south.

Through all of these missions, Egis is positioned as a key player in the largest transport and urban development project in Europe