How satcom has helped the aviation industry

Helios, an Egis subsidiary, recently concluded a ground-breaking study for Inmarsat which investigated the benefits of satellite communications (satcom) to airlines in oceanic regions in the past 15 years.

Analysing two types of cockpit communication, Air Traffic Control and Airline Operations Centre, the study highlighted multiple areas in which satcom has improved the safety and efficiency of the skies. Taken together these add up to benefits to airlines of $3bn.

Benefits highlighted in the study include:

  • Tailored arrivals, where arrival times are planned to allow an ideal descent route and to avoid holding patterns.
  • Procedures in oceanic regions to allow aircraft to climb or descend through an altitude already occupied by an aircraft.
  • Satcom enabled precise ‘4D’ flight path control, which optimises flight speed and descent profiles. It is designed to dramatically reduce delays.

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