Indonesia: Egis awarded the sustainable urban plan for Medan region


Egis prepares the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, calling on high-level transportation, planning and policy-making.

The project assigned by AFD (Agence Française de Développement) provides for the definition and pre-studies of the future transportation network of the metropolitan area of Medan. Egis is supporting government stakeholders as well as MobiliseYourCity, in assessing current transportation conditions and capacities, modelling future demand, defining best routes, best technologies to adopt, and most relevant funding schemes to finance the future lines.

The development of urban transportation in Medan was declared a National Strategic Project by Presidential decree (PP 18/2020), and the mobility plan aims at accelerating the instruction of projects in the city.

This assignment illustrates Egis capacity to address multiple topics and complex projects with local requirements. Egis has built a solid reputation in urban transit and railway engineering in Indonesia, following its assignment as technical advisor for Palembang LRT (first urban line of Indonesia in operation), feasibility studies of Jakarta metro line, and studies for Bandung and Bogor mass transit developments.