A new contract for the Egis in Mexico on the immense Tren Maya railway project


Egis is consolidating its presence in Mexico with its participation in the large-scale rail project known as the Tren Maya. In a consortium with two local engineering companies, Triada and Transconsult, Egis has won the works supervision contract for the “Tramo 4” of the project. 

Tren Maya, a major project for Mexico’s development

The Mexican government launched the Tren Maya project In the context of the National Development Plant (PND 2019-2024). This train will allow passengers and goods to be transported over a distance of more than 1500 kilometres. It will connect 5 principal Mexican states: Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Campeche, Tabasco and Chiapas and hence allow movement between large tourist hubs and rural communities. This line will open up a series of opportunities for commercial and social development, for the benefit of the inhabitants, local businesses and tourism sector.

This major project, made up of 7 different sections, is a true opportunity for the Mexican rail network, giving it the potential to become once again a driver of development in Mexico.

“Tramo 4” connecting Izamal to Cancun with a reduced environmental impact 

The 250km-long tramo 4 has 3 railway stations, with the first located in Chichén Itzá, the second in Valladolid and the third in Cancun. The route of the 180 D road (between Kantunil and Cancun) will be used for construction of 225 km, with only the ends of the line diverging from it (21km in one direction and 7km in the other). This configuration reduces both the environmental impact generated by the project and the cost of purchasing the new land. The train will be electrified and 2-way including the construction of a double track.

Egis, the expert in works supervision

Egis’s expertise in works management and the supervision of major railway projects all over the world is a key asset for ensuring the success of this project in Mexico. In partnership with Triada, the mandatory, and Transconsult Egis has been commissioned to supervise construction of the railway track bed and track, and for the adaptation works on the road running parallel to the alignment. The contract also includes works supervision for the maintenance centre located close to Valladolid and various structures (road and rail bridges, wildlife crossings, footbridges, etc.). The contract will involve more than 250 people throughout the project, and will last for more than 2 years. 

Egis consolidates its presence in Latin America

Following the commissioning of the Guadalajara metro several weeks ago, Egis is again demonstrating its skills in works supervision on a major project at a national scale, capable of profoundly changing the daily life of the population and the economic, social and environmental life of the territories. As much in the field of urban transport as in rail transport, Egis is positioning itself as a key player in Latin America.