Project of Demir Kapija - Smokvica in Macedonia: visit to an impressive construction site!


Demir Kapija – Smokvica Section is the missing link on Corridor X, the most important international road crossing Macedonia from the North to the South of the country.  Thus, the French Ambassador in Skopje and the Minister of Transport shall be accompanied by Egis, the company with the role of the Engineer, for a visit to the complex construction site that is about to be completed (95 % completed at this point).

The construction of the new highway section Demir Kapija – Smokvica is part of the Pan-European Corridor X. This section is included in the Regional Development Programme financed by IPA (Pre-Accession Instruments).

This large project was the subject of a separate approval from the European Commission.  This is a complex project of more than 28 km in length, and of total value exceeding 210 million euros. The project construction was awarded to Aktor, a Greek Contractor of Works. The project was launched in July of 2012, and it is bound to end in October of 2017.

A difficult project

The construction of Corridor X represents a large project at the scale of the large projects known in the past in France. Demir Kapija –Smokvica section is a challenge itself, due to its complexity in terms of geology and geotechnics, with numerous tunnels, viaducts, high embankments and large cuts.

This four-year project (plus 2 years of guarantee period) was carried out by a Greek Contractor of Works, having an international reputation for its expertise and by a quality supervision team:

  • An international consortium of two international engineering companies, French and Italian,
  • International supervision team formed of about thirty people (49 people at peak period), led by a Bulgarian team leader, and numerous local experts,
  • A multidisciplinary coordination of quality,
  • A true transfer of competences between the international and local experts.

A significant mission for Egis

Egis, the leader of supervision consortium (« the leading partner »), faced the challenge by a quality mobilization:

  • An Egis team coming from different subsidiaries of Egis (Egis International Macedonia, Egis Bulgaria, Egis International, Egis Serbia),
  • An important mobilization (30 Egis engineers for the 3 year period),
  • One team with a recognized expertise at technical level (geotechnics, concrete, drainage, etc.), as well as in contract management and procurement of works,
  • A strong Project management who anticipated the difficulties and proposed adapted solutions, protecting the interests of the project and the client.

Egis, the leading actor in the infrastructure project on the Balkans

For more than 20 years, Egis has been a major player in the area of infrastructure, having carried out many projects, the majority of which were projects of transport infrastructure. Until now, in IPA Beneficiary Countries (Pre-Accession Instruments), Egis has successfully terminated more than 120 projects in the following areas of expertize: technical assistance to local and national authorities, preparation of documentation for tenders, design/engineering studies, works supervision, institutional strengthening, advising on restructuring of society, training, etc.

Egis is familiar with local legislation and local standards, techniques and procedures in the countries of the Balkans area.

Ongoing or already executed projects by Egis


  • Supervision of reconstruction and upgrading of the motorway section Smokvica – Gevgelija, as part of Corridor X (2015-2017), European Commission
  • Feasibility study for usage and treatment of waste waters in Skopje (2015 – 2016), France
  • Technical assistance for municipal infrastructure projects (2009-), European Commission (ongoing project)


  • Preparation of the Feasibility Study, Preliminary and Detailed design of the Vlora Bypass and for doubling of the Milot-Rreshen road section, European Commission
  • Feasibility study and preliminary design of a tramway line for Tirana, France

Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  • Consulting services for supervision of works on construction of motorway Vlakovo-Tarcin, Corridor Vc, three sections: Vlakovo-Lepenica (2013 – 2017), Lepenica-Suhodol (2012-2016), Suhodol-Tarcin (2012-2016)
  • Supervision of works on construction of motorway on Corridor Vc, Section Klopce-Donja Granica, (Ongoing Contract)
  • Feasibility Study for the Gradiska – Banja Luka motorway (2004)


  • Detailed project design for the motorway on route 6 from the Lipjan junction up to Hani i Elezit (border with FYROM) (2008-2010), local budget
  • Route 7 (Morine-Merdare) motorway design (2010-2013), local budget


  • ZCG Infrastructure: Niksic-Podgorica railway assistance in Project preparation (2009-2010), EBRD
  • Supervision of rehabilitation works on road M2 (Mioska-Kolashin) and of the construction of a climbing lane on road M23 (Cetinje-Budva) (2006-2008), EBRD                                    


  • Feasibility study and preliminary design of intermodal terminal and logistic center „Batajnica“ (2010-2012), European Commission
  • Feasibility study for improving the Belgrade – Montenegro road (2004-2006), European Commission
  • Technical assistance to Koridori Srbije d.o.o., Corridors Xc and Xd, financed by Western Balkans Investment Frameworks.

Croatia (on 01.07.2013 Croatia became 28th member of the European Union):

  • Assistance in implementing and managing the upgrading to full profile motorway of the Kikovica – Stara Susica section of the Rijeka - Zagreb motorway (2005-2011), EIB & EBRD
  • Technical assistance to overall project management for the new ferry port and container terminal of Gazenica Zadar (2009–2015), EIB