Seaboost: restoring marine biodiversity at La Ciotat Shipyards!


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Seaboost, the Egis subsidiary specialising in the design and construction of marine biodiversity rehabilitation solutions, is taking part in the ambitious eco-designed port construction project of La Ciotat Shipyards, in association with Vinci Construction.

A large-scale port nursery for the La Ciotat Shipyards site

The 250 m of newly created quayside will be fitted with a biomimetic seagrass, Les Roselières©, developed by Seaboost. Already tested on a range of projects, in particular in the ports of Marseille Fos and Agde, this solution inspired by the living world has already produced conclusive results from both a technical perspective (technical and economic compatibility with the life cycle of a functioning structure) and a biological viewpoint (diversity and abundance of fish species compared with a standard structure).

“Installed over a surface area of 600 m², the project will be the world’s largest artificial marine nursery in a port zone,” adds Martin Perrot.

The innovation proposed for the La Ciotat port will thus reproduce the displaced coastal habitats and offer the appropriate accommodation to juvenile fish before they migrate to sea.
This huge project will begin in March 2020 and is scheduled for operational delivery in June 2022.

Watch this video of the selected module (Roselières©) and the fish which adopted this habitat in a previous project conducted on the port of Marseille.

Seaboost is a membre of CEEBIOS (Centre Européen d'Excellence en Biomimétisme de Senlis).