Start-ups’ competition in Dublin


On 24th May in Dublin, Egis and 33entrepreneurs rewarded two innovative startups with €20,000 plus the opportunity to test their concept with Egis. Irish Tech news and Sigfox were media and technology partners of the competition.

This StartUp Competition has two tracks:

  • Optimize road infrastructure operations and asset management
  • Enhance drivers experience

Through this event, Egis got the opportunity to meet up and assess a vast number of innovative companies from UK and Ireland, specialized in services to infrastructure and mobility.

Two start-ups won the contest:

  • Vivacity Labs: the company develops real time video image recognition solutions, based on machine learning technology that can improve traffic safety.
  • Faxi: this start-up operates a car-pooling service among employees or members of a same community, via an application that certifies that passengers are in a real carpooling situation.

Vivacity Labs and Faxi won a cash price of €10,000 and a partnership to test the deployment of their solution with Egis.

With this initiative, Egis will keep developing its "open innovation" approach and contribute to the development of innovative services, both for infrastructure owners and end-users.