World Cup 2014: welcoming the first teams at São Paulo Viracopos airport in Brazil

A few hours before the opening of the 20th FIFA World Cup, which takes place from June 12 to July 13, 2014, the first teams arrived in Brazil. The international airport of São Paulo Viracopos, located in Campinas, about a hundred kilometres north-west of São Paulo, has welcomed teams from Ivory Coast, Japan, Algeria and Portugal. Teams from Russia, Nigeria and Honduras are expected in the next few days.

These teams have been able to enjoy all the conveniences offered by the new terminal where they arrived. Egis has been involved since the get go; the first team to arrive into São Paulo Viracopos was the Ivory Coast team and the group is also an airport operator for Abidjan Airport.

Egis is a shareholder of the concessionary company of São  Paulo - Viracopos airport in consortium with the Brazilian companies Triunfo Participações and UTC Participações, for a period of 30 years. Egis is a leading international airport operator and provides its expertise in airport management and operations, but also in airport engineering in order to oversee the progress of the plans to expand and improve the infrastructure of Viracopos airport.

Investments exceeding €900 million have been made for the construction of the new 145,000 m² terminal which can accommodate 20 million passengers. Airport traffic has experienced strong growth since 2009, which should continue until reaching more than 30 million passengers in 2030, according to market projections.


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