A2 Motorway Swiecko-Konin, Poland

255 km motorway between Swiecko (German border) and Konin.

Client: Ministry of Transport and Maritime Economy - General Directorate for Roads and Motorways
Funding: Sponsors equity and subordinated debt, EIB loan and Commercial banks loan
Concession company: Autostrada Wielkopolska S.A.
Concession contract: Signed on 12 September 1997, amended on 29 October 1999
Start of operation: December 2011
Concession duration: 40 years

Project overview

  • First phase: 149 km around Poznan including rehabilitation of the existing 48km section
    Project cost: € 875 m
  • Second phase: 106 km up to German border
    Project cost: € 1.6 bn

Our missions

  • Co-sponsor and shareholder of the concession company 
  • Shareholder of the company in charge of the operation and maintenance of the project
  • Turnkey subcontractor to the construction JV for operating equipment



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