East-West highway

West Lot

The western portion of the largest and structurally strategic project for Algeria traverses the country in the north, from Tunisia to Morocco.

Date : 2010
Contractor: Agence Nationale des Routes

Project overview

The 2x3 lane East-West highway stretches over a total length of 1,216 km in northern Algerian to form a North African motorway linking Tunisia and Morocco. It runs through 24 wilayas (administrative departments) and serves several major towns. The highway project aims to relieve the congestion on Algeria's existing road infrastructure, providing greater traffic flow and improving safety.

The western section of the East-West highway connects the western limits of Chlef with the Algerian-Moroccan border.

Our missions

Egis was contracted to oversee and inspect the works and has deployed substantial human resources (400 people, recruited locally for the most part) and provided specific training for them. Based on tried and tested practices from other contracts managed by the Group and in line with the principles of skills transfer, this training programme covers particular local requirements and technical procedures related to the project.

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