A positive-energy building for the urban community of Bordeaux

From early 2013, the services of the Urban Community of Bordeaux will be housed in a positive-energy building located on the Mériadeck district esplanade , the first building of its kind in the Bordeaux area.
Date : 2009/2013
Duration: 4 years
Client: Communauté urbaine de Bordeaux
Contractor: Somifa
Developer: Somifa
Architect: BDM Bouey Digneaux Maurice
Construction duration: 18 months
Start of operation: June 2013

Project overview

9000 sqm of offices over 10 floors with 10,000 square metres of basement across 3 levels are being built by the Fayat-Cofely-Babcock and Brown consortium, as part of an emphyteutic lease.

The environmental approach is embodied in a high environmental quality initiative and the objective of BBC Effinergie certification (BEPOS level). The geothermal facilities in the district will be used for distribution of heat via underfloor heating. Over-insulation of the building will avoid installation of a cooling system.

1300 sqm of photovoltaic panels will be installed on the roof and on the outside of windows, without effecting their transparency. The building is expected to generate 120,000 kWh/year, which should offset the energy required for its operation.

Our missions

Egis has a general engineering role.

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