Reorganisation of Moroccan air space

Studies as a result of the increase in air traffic controlled by Morocco

The project entails a broad based analysis of Moroccan air space to upgrade the air traffic routes in line with the rapid increase in the traffic controlled by Morocco.

Date : 2011-2012
Duration: 18 months
Client: DGAC Morocco

Project overview

Three study phases will culminate in proposing developments to optimise Moroccan air space:

  1. The first phase will review the existing system and present the short-, medium- and long-term forecasts for changes in air traffic patterns (2012-2015-2020-2025).
  2. During the second phase, the team will propose the reorganisation of the Moroccan air space (routes, sectorisation and classification of the air space, and an assessment of the resulting safety implications).
  3. The third phase will define the operational design and propose the implementation plan.

Our missions

Egis is involved in all aspects of the project (traffic forecasts, ATC operations, ATM systems engineering, safety assessment, etc.). More specifically, Egis is the lead partner in forecasting traffic developments in the short, medium and long terms (2012-2015-2020-2025), assessing the safety implications of the proposed reorganisation of the air space controlled by the Casablanca FIR, and developing the implementation plan for the proposed changes.

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