Viracopos airport had an annual capacity of 30 million passenger

Tight deadline for the extension and development of the airport

Brazil will host the 2014 World Cup and expects a massive influx of tourists to the country. Construction of a new 140,000 sq. m terminal is planned to develop Viracopos airport, one of the three hubs serving Sao Paulo.

Date : 2012-2014
Duration: 2 years
Contractor: Aeropuertos Brasil Viracopos SA (ABVSA)

Project overview

The works planned by Viracopos airport operator ABVSA (Aeropuertos Brasil Viracopos S.A.) include building a new terminal and related areas (parking, access roads, etc.), airport infrastructure improvements concentrating on removing obstacles to navigation, runway end safety areas (RESA), and road improvement works. At a later date, the operator plans to extend the RESAs in line with international standards, and to create new runways and additional facilities to cope with the increase in traffic as required.

The major challenge of the project is the very tight time frame for completion (June 2014).

Our missions

ABVSA contracted a Brazilian developer to design and build the new terminal at Viracopos. At the same time, Egis teamed up with Aeroservice (as the engineering, procurement and construction consultants) providing its expertise in airport engineering to progress the project and ensure compliance with local and international standards. The role of Egis experts is to significantly minimise the operator's risk in implementing the project.

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