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A holistic vision of airports; from preliminary planning through to operation.

Previously isolated and distanced from cities, airport projects are today hyper-connected mega-projects, serving ever more numerous and demanding passengers. Flow management, safety requirements, concentration of technological equipment and  extension of interior spaces, make up the main challenges for airport projects. From feasibility studies, through to project design and management phases to development of new services and facilities, Egis plans the airport in its entirety.

Within the Egis group, consultants, engineers, project managers, project developers, infrastructure and service operators, all bring their knowledge and expertise to the design and management of airports and their exploitation.

Egis, your partner for institutional, organisational or regulatory advice

Institutions, government authorities and airport management companies…, Egis guides you through institutional, organisational and regulatory issues. We carry out feasibility studies for the creation of airport installations, development studies for extension or overhaul projects and master plans, by first carrying out analyses of your requirements. We take account of the environmental dimension of your projects and can offer you noise exposure plans and impact studies.

With regards airport security Egis provides pre-audits with a view to certification of the platform. We assist our clients in developing certification manuals and implement security management systems. These activities can also be carried out for reasons relating to airport safety: audits, drawing up national documentation, safety management systems.

A full range of engineering services for airport construction

Egis carries out operational and technical studies prior to the construction or development of an airport. We undertake the audit and design of aeronautical pavements (runways, taxiways and parking stands), terminal buildings (passenger and freight, rescue services and aircraft fire prevention systems), and buildings (air terminals, accommodation, hangars, control tower, communications centre etc.).

Egis has all the resources for providing equipment engineering and airport services for airport safety (baggage control, access control, video surveillance etc.), information and communication technology, particularly as it relates to passengers,

Our teams consider the airport as a whole, beyond those activities specific to air traffic: airport transport services (road/rail engineering, multimodal infrastructure), city-side facilities (car parks, green spaces and taxi ranks), other networks (water, electricity).

Modular air terminal turnkey solutions

Egis provides air terminal turnkey solutions able to accommodate exceptionally high passenger numbers. This temporary infrastructure becomes operational very quickly and is able to deal with seasonal air-traffic increases or ensure that passenger services are still provided during renovation phases.

Innovative integrated systems

The growth of air transport is placing increasing pressure on airport systems and requires innovation in order to strengthen security, safety and control measures.

Airports are also looking to be able to provide better services in order to enhance the experience of travellers. This improved service calls for implementation of high-performance systems : self-service check-in and boarding, real-time information displays etc. These solutions also help to optimise passenger flows within terminal buildings.

Egis's activity covers all these systems by conceiving tailor-made solutions, from security and safety systems to baggage-handling facilities and integrated data-processing systems.

A customised partnership for airport operations

Egis operates 17 airports spread across Europe, South America, Africa and Oceania. The platforms of Larnaca and Paphos (Cyprus), Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Brazzaville, Pointe-Noire and Ollombo (Congo), Tahiti and its islands (French Polynesia), Campinas (Brazil), Ostend-Bruges and Antwerp (Belgium), Pau-Pyrénées, Brest, Quimper and Bergerac (France) making up an annual traffic of more than 27 million passengers and 270,000 tonnes of freight. Egis's international expertise is a unique asset for achieving long-term success within varying cultural and political contexts.

With an integrated approach and multi-disciplinary,complementary skills, Egis brings proven knowledge and expertise in:

  • Management (financial performance, risk management, human resources management etc.)
  • Marketing (development of airlines, commercial, tertiary and industrial services and activities etc.)
  • Operations (security and safety of operations, operational performance, management of aeronautical activities, service quality, compliance with standards and international directives etc.)
  • Development (anticipating future requirements, optimising infrastructure, developing the local area, setting up and financing projects etc.

Egis provides its strategic vision for the success of the project and establishes a customised, win-win partnership.

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