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As specialist aviation consultants and engineers who also operate 17 airports around the globe, we offer unique insight into your challenges and opportunities. We can advise you throughout the lifecycle of your projects – from strategy to performance, through to planning, designing and operating sustainable infrastructure.

A deep understanding of airport dynamics.

We are helping airports everywhere meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Whether it’s delivering operational efficiencies, making existing infrastructure work harder or reducing environmental and social impact, we help you achieve ambitious technical, operational and sustainability goals.

We’re also working with industry, regulators and innovators to explore how new transport modes and technology will shape future air travel and the airport environment.

Our key areas of expertise:
  • Policy and regulatory advisory
  • Business and technical strategy
  • Operational and technical change management
  • Master planning - for long term, sustainable development
  • Project and programme management
  • Airport design and engineering
  • Airspace design and implementation
  • Sustainability management planning
  • Operational readiness and transfer (ORAT)
  • Cybersecurity and integrated risk management
Hermes Airports Commits To Achieve Net Zero Emmissions By 2050 ©ACI Europe Herems Airports
Egis collaborates with airports to achieve net-zero carbon on the ground and engage with local communities to meet their unique needs.
Our sector leaders.
Adam Parkinson
Adam ParkinsonDirector Consultancy, Aviation
Julien Pratx
Julien PratxDirector Design & Project Management, Aviation
Anthony Martin
Anthony MartinDirector Airport Operation & Maintenance, Aviation