Architecture, Urban planning and Landscaping

To “live better, together”

On 31st October 2017, Hong Kong based architectural firm, 10 DESIGN, joined Egis to form an integrated design group with a global capability. 10 DESIGN is a leading international partnership of Architects, Urbanists, Landscape Designers, and CGI Specialists.

The firm works at a broad range of scales, from the design of individual buildings to cities across all sectors including corporate, retail, hospitality, residential, cultural and education. We aspire to create innovative design solutions for multicultural projects, with economic, environmental and social integrity. With a worldwide reputation for excellence and sustainability, Egis and 10 DESIGN together provide a compelling offer that encompasses building engineering services and architectural design to aviation, rail and healthcare.


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Egis has close ties with the world of architecture. Our building services team maintain close relations with the most renowned architectural practices in France and abroad. We also seek to discover new talents.

For cutting edge, innovative and technical projects Egis offers its integrated technical and architectural design services to provide unconventional solutions that marry technical innovation and specific architectural style, this combination of services could be applied  to the design of footbridges and civil engineering structures for example. Egis also develops architectural concepts that place emphasis on energy efficiency and self-sufficient energy production. Our interdisciplinary teams (architects, designers, town planners and engineers) are capable of  presenting you with radically innovative projects.

Urban planning

Close links between our various services allows us to integrate both systemic and formal town planning. Whether dense and intense, open and refined, our aim is to make the city both desirable and intelligent.

The sustainable city is of course at the heart of our work. Egis is active in research and innovation and participates in debates on the design of tomorrow’s cities.

On long term issues and in line with our anticipatory approach, we are able to offer support for regional strategic challenges, post-carbon cities and energy transition master plans.

Landscape architecture

Whether districts, city centres, squares, parks or tourist sites, all settings have their particular history, environment and character. It is the living reality of these projects that draws together our teams around a shared passion; revealing the intrinsic qualities of a site and making each project unique. Egis’ capabilities include highly developed and multidisciplinary expertise in matters concerning climate and energy.