Why choose between a generalist and a specialist when you can have both?

What we do

Egis Consulting carefully selects a diverse range of talents at your service.

Our commitment to our projects is shown through our creativity in facing any challenges that may come, to build a bright future together.

We provide expertise in areas surrounding mobility, sustainable cities, as well as social, digital and environmental transitions.

Our team hones the specialized and essential skills needed to address intensity of any major challenges to come.

Our 270 consultants are motivated to support you and bring your ideas and projects to life.


Our Vision

The environmental imperative requires us to develop more sustainable and resilient strategies and projects.

The transitions that our societies are undergoing call for adaptation, for the creation of new solutions to reinvent a sustainable future to look forward to.

Data and usages include a new area of understanding, design, management and evolution in our environment. They help us to provide answers to any challenges.

We are convinced that smart cities are beneficial, favorable, inclusive, and capable of creating connections for the foreseeable future, amongst ourselves and with nature. It is conceived, developed, and achieved by designing a space that prioritises the well-being of its inhabitants, with a strategic and global approach towards mobility, urban planning, and energy, which are essential elements to sustainable development transitions.