As a powerhouse of the global economy, Asia is naturally a major market for Egis.
The group adapts its service offerings according to the different economic needs which coexist on the world’s largest continent: the nuclear power industry in China, infrastructure in Indonesia and Thailand, infrastructure and operation in the Philippines, Australia and India… and its business activity continues to grow.

Asia is Egis’s second-ranked region in the world in terms of workforce, with 2,500 people working for the group all over the continent. Egis has had an uninterrupted presence in Asia for more than 60 years.

The group is firmly established in India, the group’s second-ranked country in terms of headcount after France, but also in China, Australia, Thailand – where it has set up its Regional head office –Indonesia and the Philippines. The group is also established in Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Singapore and in the Pacific zone.

The group has elected to focus on emerging south east Asia as one of its priority development zones, with the aim of doubling its turnover in the region in the short term by pursuing its ongoing development actions and through external growth.

Focus on India

India is the second-ranked country for the group in terms of workforce, with more than 1,900 employees. The Indian entity addresses all of the group’s services and markets.

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Focus on China

Already active in the railway sector, Egis is also an acknowledged player in the nuclear power industry in China. Our subsidiary Egis China in Beijing facilitates relations with major Chinese construction groups, established in all of Egis’s traditional areas of expertise.

On 31 October 2017, the Hong Kong-based architecture firm 10 DESIGN joined Egis.

Focus on Australia

In the area of motorway operation and maintenance, Egis has been active in Australia for the past 20 years with road and tunnel projects in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Egis manages the Legacy Way tunnel in Brisbane and has won the contract to operate and maintain the WestConnex motorway, the largest infrastructure project in Australia.

In January 2019, Egis extended its railway and public transport engineering activities to Oceania. Egis has also expanded its presence to building engineering activities, with the acquisition of Hong Kong-based Inhabit and its offices in major Australian cities.

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Focus on Indonesia

The Egis group has had offices in Indonesia since 1979. In this country, its expertise is particularly acknowledged in the fields of roads, rail, aviation, water and mining.

Through our subsidiary PT Egis International Indonesia, Egis addresses some of the country’s colossal infrastructure requirements. Among the flagship projects supervised by Egis’ teams feature the integration of the railway systems of the Palembang LRT, the development of the freeway network on the island of Sumatra, the feasibility studies for infrastructure and installations for the Weda Bay mining complex and the infrastructure master plan for the new 1,250 ha Special Economic Zone dedicated to the Mandalika tourist resort on the island of Lombok.

Focus on the Philippines

In the Philippines, Egis Project Philippines operates and maintains the North Luzon expressway, the Subic-Clark-Tarlac expressway and the Daang Hari-SLEX connector. Egis is also active in the engineering field, with for example an assistance to Client assignment on the Manila LRT1 line, and dam design, including the Tayabasan Dam for the Manila Water Company.

Focus on Thailand

Egis has been established in Thailand for 25 years in the Civil Engineering field and for several years in Rail, with emblematic projects such as the Bangkok metro Blue Line, Orange Line and Pink Line currently under construction, the enormous motorway project Industrial Ring Road and a 941-m cable-stayed structure on the Southern Outer Bangkok Ring Road. Egis’s Regional head office for South East Asia and the Pacific zone is located in Bangkok.


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