Egis has always maintained a close relationship with this French-speaking region of Africa, where it has been the market leader since its founding in 1949.

It's in Cameroon that Egis has its largest subsidiary with more than 250 employees. It also has offices in the Republic of Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, in Cameroun, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and the Central African Republic.

Through its various branches Egis has excellent knowledge of the area and contacts in the region.

As a versatile and diverse engineering company, the group works in many sectors that address key areas of development and rehabilitation for the region: road, rail transport, aviation, buildings, bridges and underground structures and Ports, waterways and maritime. The group is also involved in mining projects, projects for new cities, and port development projects.

It operates the airports of Libreville (Gabon) and Brazzaville, Pointe-Noire and Ollombo (Congo).