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Joined in 2003SylvainPlanner and four-time French disabled snowboardcross champion, Rail DomainLyon, France

Egis is a partner of the Snowboard & Handicap Association and supports Sylvain in all his competitions. He has made snowboarding his favourite sport, winning the French Championship 6 times!

Amputated from his left leg following an accident, Sylvain did not give up the sport. You will see him at the French Handi Championships in 2022!

Recently, with Grand Paris projects, he has had the unique opportunity to contribute to the vast preparation of the next Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024! 

"Disabilities are so different and occur at any time in life, it is difficult to give advice that is valid for everyone..."

I would say that everyone, whether disabled or able-bodied, is confronted with particularly difficult situations to deal with and that you have to know how to face them in order to grow.  My advice would be to have the courage to face up to whatever comes your way, and to simply carry on living. Thanks to the latest broadcasts of the Paralympic Games and the actions implemented in companies like Egis, the way others look at disability is changing and evolving in a positive way . I would just like to remind you of one obvious fact: in a "situation of disability", we are still human beings in our own right. We are no more different than an "able-bodied" person. 

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