Bhaskar Majumdar
Corporate Affairs, Communication & Digital head, India BU, Egis group
Published on June 21, 2021

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Employee Engagement is indispensable in corporate branding

Employee engagement is now more important than it had ever been before, in the wake of the COVID 19 crisis. When all of us are dealing with unemployment, mental trauma and uncertainties, it becomes all the more crucial for businesses to keep their employees happy and engaged. After all, they are one of the primary stakeholders of any company. They make businesses what they are and as such, engaged employees not only make the business sustainable, improve its reputation, but also uphold brand equity.

Employee Engagement

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Having said that, employee engagement is not a tangible concept. How can an organisation measure the emotional attachment or connection that an employee feels towards the organization he/she works for? What one feels and how much one is connected to an organisation and its overarching goal is a highly variable element.

Nowadays, more than monthly remuneration, employees need a place where they feel a sense of belonging, comradery and community and employers who understand this will realise the potential when employees become the brands biggest ambassadors. Even customers today perceives a brand by what they stand for, what value they add to the community than by what product or service they sell. While consumer engagement and call to action are important, employee engagement is also equally important, as not only they become your biggest promoters, they are more likely to refer their friends and peers to your organisation. Identifying and satisfying your staff’s hard work and motivating and incentivizing them effectively will not only work towards retaining your best talent, but also work towards reinforcing your brand’s overall reputation.

Today’s employees are spending most of their time at the workplace. Now they are doing so virtually, amidst work from home et ups. More than the salary, over 92% of employees tend to prize a work culture and the overall environment more if they get opportunities to give back to the organisation.  Nearly 70% of the world’s best employers have unambiguous employer branding strategies, with many of these emphasizing on how to build better brand advocates. Being transparent and genuine is the key aspect in any effective employer brand, and there is no better way to improve authentic engagement with your employer brand than to increase brand encouragement among your workforce. Today’s workforce doesn’t even mind taking cut in salary if that comes with servicing a company they share common goals and values with, companies that are responsible and just.

Brands know that there are many effective ways to ensure employee engagement. Everyone wants someone who is dependable, reliable, where they feel at home and therefore, compassionate, empathetic and inclusive work culture can play decisive roles in fostering employee loyalty and gratitude.

It is a well-known fact that no one knows a company better than the people who work for it, day in and day out. As Michael Lastoria, founder of a pizza brand perfectly puts it- Employees are the heart and soul of the brand. Treat them that way and you can see what happens.

Another way to build engagement with employees is to present them with opportunities that empower them. Not just in the business sense of the term, more about making them feel the comradery and a sense of connection to the organisation. People love to have friends at the workplace, than working as mere colleagues. When people are comfortable, they tend to have the right attitude towards work and the best efficiencies flow through.

Therefore, a people-first culture, work-life balance, harmony, compassionate HR best-practices, diversity and inclusion at the workplace, women safety and empowerment, ample opportunities for career growth, wellness, millennials and Ge Z friendly employee benefits, are some sure shot ways to boost employee engagement.

Reports suggest that genuine and transparent work culture, continuous learning, intrapreneurship are closely connected to employee engagement. 

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