Insider view

Open to the world, operating in an often-international environment, our teams are familiar with the specific characteristics of a country, a profession or a market and can offer insight into their complexities. From their central vantage point addressing challenges of the here-and-now, they offer us their insider view.

Emtrepreneurs*: the rise of the new workforce post COVID era

By Tilak Chowdhury

Questioning nuclear power productively

By collective authors

Bouncing back – but not just any old how!

By Martine Jauroyon

How do diversity and plurality influence Egis’ experience around the world?

By Yana Santos

The refoundation of healthcare facilities after the epidemic

By Bertile Cholley et Philippe Picard

How I became a worksite guide

By Marianne Blondeau

EPR Hinkley Point: an exceptional team for an exceptional project

By collectif d'auteurs

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