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How to reduce disturbances caused by city centre building projects

Nowadays, building sites in town must be as discreet as possible. In parallel, the urban environment is becoming denser, the number of citydwellers is rising and cities are becoming ever less extendable. How can urban space be developed without disrupting its everyday operation?

By Loïc Godart, Directeur technique Ville, Egis

Airports: how to successfully conduct improvement works during operational service

By Mathieu Sellier

Social housing: don’t build it, print it!

By Yoann Richard

The road is the future of the autonomous vehicle

By Renaud Beziade et Cédric Pasquier

New Coastal Road: environmental protection at the heart of the project

By Laure Camelin

ITER: the fusion of digital models

By Alain Baudry

Inventing and thinking for better building

By Martial Chevreuil