Air traffic management

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As a trusted ATM industry partner, we’re here to help you adapt to today’s challenges and prepare for a more autonomous and data-driven world. Whether it’s flexing to traffic demand, adopting remote technologies or ensuring regulatory compliance, our world-class experts offer insight and support you can rely on.

Navigate the new era of ATM.

In the complex and safety-critical ATM industry, our five decades of deep-rooted understanding of the aviation system and its stakeholders is what sets Egis apart.

Our people are experts in their fields; from human factors to cyber specialists, engineers, data analysts and economists to airspace designers. We use this expertise to add significant value to your projects, helping you deliver higher quality, more economically resilient and sustainable outcomes.

Our key areas of expertise:
  • R&D and feasibility studies
  • Decision making and strategy
  • Policy and regulatory advisory
  • Operational changes affecting airspace
  • Requirements capture and system definition
  • Procurement support
  • System implementation
  • Change management
  • Exploiting space assets
  • Operational and safety performance
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We’re collaborating with ANSPs, policymakers and industry to improve route planning, reduce emissions in the air and adapt to our changing skies.