An annual sustainable development seminar focusing on the climate emergency and the health crisis


A few weeks ago, Egis brought together, face to face and by videoconference, the 20 members of its Sustainable Development (SD) network, commissioned to co-construct, implement and deploy the Group's sustainable development policy worldwide. On the day's programme, a complete update on the Egis Group's strategic plan to combat climate change and presentations by internal experts to share new solutions in response to the challenges of the climate crisis.

We have achieved the goals of our climate action plan

Controlling the carbon footprint linked to our internal operations in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 at the latest,

  • To offer our customers an engineering and operations offer that effectively meets the challenges of the climate challenge. This is where we have the greatest leverage; the sectors in which we operate (buildings and transport) account for more than half of the world's CO2 emissions.

A diversified range of solutions to meet major challenges in the fight against climate change

Our service offer is mainly based on energy efficiency in buildings and transport systems, renewable energy, climate plans, climate change adaptation studies, flood management, measures to preserve and restore biodiversity, the resilience of infrastructures and territories in the face of climatic hazards, and lastly, taking climate and energy issues into account as early as possible in our design activities. This offer is at the heart of the Group's two priority development areas: transport and mobility of the future; and building the sustainable city.

Our range of solutions to combat climate change, whether in terms of greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation, adaptation and resilience or sequestration, already includes more than 70 tools, methods, solutions and products that are available to our customers and can be adapted to their specific context.

By way of illustration, a few examples of solutions:

  1. On the theme of adaptation: we were one of the first engineering consultancies to develop a geographic information system tool, GéRiCi®, which enables us to identify the climatic vulnerabilities of a road section or a given structure, to make simulations with regard to climatic hazards and to propose preventive measures by level of priority. An equivalent tool has been developed for local authorities wishing to anticipate the effects of climate change on the operation of urban services in the city (ROSEAU). We are experimenting with innovative processes such as variable albedo soil to combat heat islands in urban areas and improve the thermal comfort of the city.
  2. On the subject of GHG mitigation: We support our customers in their labelling and certification processes, such as HQE Sustainable Building, BREEAM, LEED, E+C-, BIODIVERCITY, HQE Development, One Planet Living, BBCA[1]. We promote the use of renewable energies in our designs. We develop and use our carbon quantification tools, capable of comparing the different technical variables of projects to make the best design/build/operate choices, such as Variways®, an eco-comparator of road variants labelled by IDDRIM (a French organization : Institut Des Routes, des Rues et des Infrastructures pour la Mobilité), Carb'Elioth for buildings or Prédicoucarbone, for tramways and metros.
  3. Sequestration - offsetting: We recommend CO2 emission sequestration measures, from wood construction (with our specialised technical centre: Teamber) to reforestation (Egis Brazilian teams), including natural resource management plans.

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An enhanced offer in view of the health crisis and its economic impact

Since March, thanks to the mobilization of the Group's employees, experts and SD network, our catalogue has been enriched with solutions offering climate/health co-benefits.

By working on these concrete proposals, based on innovative but already tested solutions, and by mobilising its technical excellence, the Group has formulated 21 proposals for a low-carbon economic recovery to participate in the collective effort to reinvent the world around us.

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[1] It should be noted that Egis is a founding member of the BBCA label, which certifies a building's performance in reducing greenhouse gas emissions over its entire life cycle.