Egis a key player in Sri Lanka: 5 new projects in 2020


Following several years of steady growth in Sri Lanka, Egis has recently secured 5 contracts in this country and is targeting further expansion of its business in 2020 and beyond.

Upgrading Sri Lankan Railways Network

Egis signed a contract in May 2020 as part of the Asian Development Bank funded Railway Efficiency Improvement project. It includes necessary works to help the aging Sri Lankan Railways network to comply with an increased ridership.

The Sri Lankan Railways network is an heritage from the colonial era and a tourist attraction itself, but it received only limited modernization since. This project will help to improve its safety and efficiency for the benefit of all its travelers.

Several upgrades are considered:

  • Implementation of a new ticketing and telecommunications system island-wide
  • Creation of housing units for relocation of people living on tracks
  • Suppression of at-grade crossings and creation of underpasses for pedestrian and roadways
  • Procurement of several maintenance equipment

Egis, along with its local partner Greentech, will be in charge of the Project Implementation Consultancy. During this 36 months assignment, the team will monitor the Contractors’ works by performing the overall project management activities, monitoring the social safeguard and environmental requirements and act as the Client’s Engineer.

This contract follows a pre-feasibility study also performed by Egis in 2017 for the upgrade of 4 suburban lines of the Sri Lanka Railways.

Supporting trade logistics facilitation project:

Egis signed a contract in March 2020 with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to provide consultancy services for the relocation of the customs inspection facility at the Colombo Port.

It is a 10-month assignment involving the following services:

  • Identification of a suitable location for the new customs facility
  • Preparation of a feasibility study covering all technical, economic, financial, environmental and social aspects of the project
  • Supporting ADB in processing the project loan

The customs facility at the Colombo Port is one of the most important ones in Sri Lanka and handles 7.2 million 20-foot containers per year. The Government intends to relocate these customs inspection yards to reduce traffic congestion in the densely populated area of Colombo, to improve the connectivity between the Colombo port and the expressway network, to provide better logistics service for freight operations and to facilitate regional trade.

Flooding risk mitigation in Mundeni Aru River basin and Matticaloa

Egis signed a contract in March 2020 with the Ministry of Mahaweli, Agriculture, Irrigation and Rural Development to prepare feasibility studies and detailed designs of flood risk mitigation interventions.

The main objective of this project is to reduce the vulnerability of exposed people and assets to climate risks and to improve the government’s capacity to respond effectively to climate disasters. This is a flood risk mitigation and agriculture project, which will establish interventions for Batticaloa District with special focus on the Mundeni Aru River basin. This will improve agricultural productivity. A multi safety approach is developed through prevention, planning and zoning, emergency response and resilience. Expected interventions are ensuring open outlets of the river in the lagoon and the sea, construction of multipurpose dam, increasing the transparency to the floods of bridges and roads, dike constructions, zoning and preventive actions.

Extension of local government enhancement sector project

Egis started 8 years ago to provide project management services to the Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government for the implementation of urban upgrading works across the country.

Based on the successful outcome of this project, our services have been extended for another 22 months, until the end of 2021.

The main outputs of this project are to improve water supply systems in Chronic Kidney Disease-affected areas, to improve local Infrastructure and basic service delivery in seven provinces and to strengthen local government capacity in conducting policy reforms.

Electronic Toll System for port access elevated highway

Egis has negotiated a new contract to provide project management consultancy services for implementation of a Multi Lane Free Flow Electronic Toll Collection system on the 5.3 km greenfield Port Access Elevated Highway in Colombo. 

Beyond its role as a Project Management Consultant, Egis will be in charge of defining the requirements and specifications of the toll collection systems, assisting the Government with the procurement of the equipment, supervising its installation and providing support for its initial operation.

These contracts are the result of fruitful cooperation among Egis teams, and they pave the way for further development of our businesses in this country.