Egis, taking action for an ecological awakening

With its Student Manifesto for an Ecological Awakening, signed by more than 30,000 students, the Ecological Awakening collective (Pour un Réveil écologique in French) reminds each of us that it is urgent to act now to make the ecology transition a genuine social project. Their aim is to compel companies to place the climate emergency at the heart of their strategy.

This movement is now launching a major campaign aimed at students and young graduates in France and Europe. It offers them tools to help them choose their future employer based on its alignment with their own ecological beliefs through the platform

Egis is one of the first companies to have responded transparently to the questionnaire, sent out to more than 100 CEOs of major corporations, on how they take environmental issues into account. Read our answers

Our Group has already taken the lead on the issue of the climate, as it has been working on the theme for many years, by both developing low-carbon propositions and reviewing its internal operations. But we must still do more, faster, and translate into concrete deeds the commitments we have taken under our 1.5°C trajectory. We must rally together so as to actively contribute to this transformation of society which our younger generations are so emphatically demanding.