Egis wins a double railway contract in Poland

Egis has just signed a contract for a dual railway project in southern Poland.

Polskie Linie Kolejowe, the operator of the Polish railways, is launching a vast scheme to upgrade the country’s railway infrastructure. The aim is to operate more trains at higher speeds in optimal safety conditions through the deployment of advanced technology. Egis is contributing to this ambitious programme through the award winning a contract for a dual project: the modernisation of an existing line and the construction of a new line.


The modernisation of line n°104 between Chabówka and Nowy Sącz entails improving the alignment and existing railway plant on 45 km of track. Once upgraded, the line will enable passenger trains to travel at 120 km/h and freight trains at 100 km/h, all in total safety thanks to the ERTMS level 2 signalling system.

The new double-track, electrified lines n°622 between Podłęże and Tymbark and n°623 between Szczyrzyc and Mszana Dolna, 46 km in length, will allow passenger trains to run at 160 km/h and freight trains to run at 120 km/h, also under ERTMS level 2.

These projects will require the construction or reconstruction of more than 60 bridges and viaducts, together with the modernisation of nine stations and of 13 tunnels stretching approximately 17,5 km overall.

Complex and varied missions

With its local partner MGGP, Egis will provide a wide array of services: the functional design of the lines then the detailed designs up to the obtention of the construction permits. The consortium will also be tasked with environmental matters, drawing up tender documentation and supervising construction work.

The design phase will last two and a half years for each of the lines, while the construction phase is expected to last seven years for the modernisation of line 104 and ten years for the construction of new line 622.

A collaboration between Egis’ French and Polish teams

The award of this major contract is the result of a collaborative effort between Egis’ teams based in France and those in Poland. The assignments will be conducted by both the French and Polish teams: an admirable example of multicultural teamwork for a project that will prove crucial to the improvement of Polish infrastructure.