Hinkley Point project: Egis and its partners pick up prizes at the 2019 BuildingSmart Awards


The ICOS consortium (Egis, Tractebel and Setec), the BYLOR consortium (Bouygues TP and Laing O' Rourke) and the EDVANCE group (an EDF subsidiary) have picked up prizes in the BuildingSmart Awards in the “Construction” category, competing against around a hundred finalists. These awards recognise the outstanding work they have undertaken together using the openBIM approach on the Hinkley Point EPR project in south-west England.

The winners of the 2019 BuildingSmart Awards were announced at an international summit on standards held in Beijing on 28 October.

ICOS, BYLOR and EDVANCE have won an award in the “Construction” category.

Egis is the leading company in the ICOS consortium and is in charge of detailed civil engineering studies for the main buildings making up the Hinkley Point EPR in the UK. The UK 1221 contract covers the production of digital mock-ups (BIM) and plans, while another current contract (UK 1220) provides models and calculations for the various buildings making up the power plant's nuclear island. Egis provides project management for these two contracts, as well as having the key role of BIM manager. The production of a complete digital mock-up of the reinforcements and inserts is a world first for a nuclear power station.