Opening of Osman Gazi Bridge to traffic in Turkey


The Turkish President Erdogan has inaugurated the Osman Gazi Bridge at a grand ceremony in the presence of more than 10,000 guests.

The Osman Gazi Bridge is the last part of the section which opened to traffic last month – Yalova-Orhangazi – of the toll motorway between Gebze and Izmir. Measuring 3.3 km in length, this suspension bridge has a central span of 1,550 metres, the fourth longest in the world for this type of bridge.

The bridge provides a substantially time-saving alternative to the road route around the Izmit bay and to the ferry service crossing the strait.

The next motorway section to be opened to traffic at the end of 2016 will run from Orhangazi to the outskirts of Bursa.

President Erdogan declared that all 420 kilometres of highway running from Gebze to Izmir would be open to traffic in 2018.

One of the largest projects operated by Egis

The project is operated by the company GIIB (Gebze-Izmir Isletme Ve Bakim), a 50/50 subsidiary between the Egis group and the concession company Otoyol.

In 2018, GIIB will operate infrastructure including 420 km of motorway between Gebze and Izmir, 33 bridges, 3 two-way tunnels, 17 motorway service areas and 187 overpasses. This project features among the largest operated by an Egis group subsidiary and comes as further confirmation of Egis’ status as one of the worldwide leaders in the operation of motorways and toll structures.

Egis is well-established in Turkey. In August 2016, its subsidiary ICE (51% owned by Egis Road Operation) will start operating the third bridge over the Bosporus and the North Marmara motorways in partnership with Ictas (49% shareholder), while subsidiary Egis Tünel Işletmeciliği (100% Egis Road Operation) will commence the operation of the Avrasya tunnel running beneath the Bosporus at the end of December 2016.