Rail Baltica: on the road to Latvia, a new HSL contract for Egis

In a consortium with the German company DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH and the Latvian company Olimps Ltd, Egis won last week both the design and technical support services during the construction phase of the Vangaži - Salaspils - Misa section (Latvia) of the Rail Baltica high speed railway project.

The 67 km long Vangaži - Salaspils - Misa section bypasses Riga with two connections to the north and south, in order to connect to a line serving the city center. The section includes 45 engineering structures, including one that is 1.3 km long, spanning over the Daugava River. The line will be mixed; it will allow passenger trains to run at speeds up to 249 km/h and also freight trains up to 160 km/h.

The assignments concern the civil engineering, with a phase to optimize the project starting from the preliminary design studies, and then to undertake the detailed design studies for the construction. The Egis team will then provide technical assistance to the project owner during the construction phase.

Egis will be involved in 2 of the 4 sections of the line and DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH consulting for the 2 others. As lead company in the consortium, EGIS will also carry out project management tasks, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the design of 50% of the section's length.

The contract execution time is 24 months for the design services and 60 months for the technical support services during the construction phase.

A 100% BIM Project!

This 67 km railway project will be entirely realized in BIM. An ambitious set of specifications that will allow Egis to demonstrate its modeling skills once again and optimize the project as much as possible.

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