Successful implantation for Egis in Chile : 5 contracts won in less than a year !


Following a first contract obtained in November last year and the creation of an Egis subsidiary in Santiago at the end of 2018, Egis has this year confirmed its establishment and development in Chile, in both urban transport and railways.

An inspection contract for the Chilean railways (EFE)

The EFE (Empresa de los Ferrocarriles del Estado), the organisation tasked with managing the country’s passenger and freight railway lines, has just awarded a technical works inspection contract to a consortium made up of Egis and Cruz Y Davila.

The technical inspection contract relates to the replacement of 150 track switches in the sectors of Alameda-Chillan, Puerto-Limache, FESUR and shunting sheds. This first contract with EFE, scheduled to last 20 months, will enable Egis to demonstrate its expertise in the railway field.

Two development studies for the Santiago Metro (Metro SA)

METRO SA has just awarded Egis with detailed design contracts for the vibration control system on the new line 7 and the extension to line 3 of the Santiago metro. These contracts, which will start in November 2019 for the design phase, could extend to the commissioning of the two lines with technical assistance assignments.

The two projects will allow Egis to deploy its skills in underground urban transport vibration and acoustics.


Assistance to the Chilean Ministry of Public Works (MOP) for studies into the mixed use high-speed railway line between Santiago and Valparaiso

The MOP (Ministerio de Obra Públicas) has just awarded a technical assistance contract to Egis for the review of preliminary feasibility studies conducted as part of the launch of a mixed railway concession, running from the Metropolitan Region of Santiago to Valparaiso.

The plan for the mixed use rail service between Santiago and Valparaiso presents the particularity of being pursued by two competing private sector initiatives. Egis’s task will be to assist the MOP in the review of phase 1 studies (preliminary technical and economic feasibility) presented by the two private consortia. Egis will be responsible for analysing the terms of reference and the work plans of each consortium and for reviewing the studies as such, attaching specific importance to the robustness and consistency of data and the assumptions selected.

This first contract with the MOP will give Egis the opportunity to demonstrate its expertise in the specific domain of high-speed and mixed use railway lines.