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Increasing air traffic puts growing pressure on existing infrastructure and air space. At the same time more robust measures for security, safety, and control of environmental effects represents an additional constraint for ATM (Air Traffic Management) professionals. Egis provides the knowledge, experience and global expertise to overcome these challenges.

Consultation, a core skill

Egis works alongside air management stakeholders in their strategy development using business plans and cost/benefit analyses. We then develop scenarios for achieving performance and capacity objectives, in relation to air traffic management. We carry out studies on potential ATM designs and can evaluate these using simulation tools.

Egis also offers training plans and helps strengthen the skills of your ATM personnel.

By conducting audits and analyses relating to the Civil Aviation Code or the implementation of European or International ATM standards (OACI, Eurocontrol, Ciel Unique Européen etc.), Egis helps you navigate the regulatory environment.

Lastly, we assist suppliers of air navigation services or surveillance authorities with problems relating to the organisation and structuring of services, including management of employees.

Engineering, a full and indepth understanding of all processes

Egis guides its clients through the changes in air traffic management by offering feasibility studies relating to ATM designs and technologies: function air-block (FAB) spaces, satellite navigation (GNSS), collaborative processes (CDM), data liaison systems (Data Link) etc.

We accompany our clients through their transition towards new infrastructure ATM/CNS (control towers and centres) and offer Human Factor support for these facilities (including human-machine interface (HMI) studies.

To optimise your operations we initiate studies on restructuring and sectorisation of air space, flight routes and navigational procedures (PBN).

We also undertake studies into the compliance of your systems and equipment with regards regulations in force relating to security and human factors. We guide you through questions relating to security management issues (SMS).

Turnkey solutions made to measure

Egis provides turnkey solutions for air control towers, tower lookouts and air traffic control centres.

Our activities cover the design, manufacture and supervision of the works.