For more than 50 years, Egis has been providing trusted consultancy, design and engineering solutions to institutions, air navigation service providers and airport operators through almost every significant change in the industry. We are also a world-class airport infrastructure operator with a network of 17 mid-size airports around the world.

In the last 20 years alone, our team of 300 consultants, engineers and experts based globally has worked on more than 3,500 projects in over a hundred countries. Today, we continue to work alongside customers and partners, together shaping a safe, seamless and sustainable future for aviation.

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Sustainability in aviation

Across the sector, the focus is on finding smarter and greener solutions that will preserve the planet and the industry we work in. Read our White Paper on the future of aviation in a world of sustainable transport that explores the issues that aviation is facing with regards to emissions, alternative modes of transport and their disruptive potential, the place of aviation in the global economy, and a way forward for businesses, governments and industry.

Our sustainability offering supports airports and air traffic management. It ranges from infrastructure eco design and smart transport integration to airside emissions and noise. From policy through to engineering and operations, aviation stakeholders can rely on us to provide advisory services and technical support that will help them achieve efficiency gains and emission reductions, whether at airports or in airspace.

Egis is taking a holistic approach to sustainability, viewing aviation as a component of wider urban planning and development objectives. With this contextual advantage – aided by our urban planning and mobility expertise - we are helping aviation stakeholders plan and prepare adaptations to improve resilience and preserve business continuity.