The city of tomorrow, in our vision at Egis, is a city that meets and integrates the challenges brought by the triple transition : demographic, energy and environmental and digital transition.

By its dimension, its history, its multiple skills, I do believe that Egis can bring value creating to its public and private clients to fulfill the requirements of this triple transition.

The demographic transition

In the developing and emerging countries, the urban population grows at a vertiginous speed. More than two billion additional people are expected in cities by 2050. Our planet has never faced such a human challenge. In the developed economies, population ageing is another phenomenon of the 21st century that impacts life in our cities;

The energy and environmental transition

The rarefaction of natural resources, transport congestion, the development of renewable energies, global warming and all its economic, social and environmental consequences raise numerous stakes for cities. The need for sustainable and resilient cities is emerging all over the world. Such cities shall minimize the carbon footprint and adapt to climate change disasters.

The digital transition

New information and communication technologies bring new services and new behaviors in cities. All stakeholders are concerned: inhabitants, visitors, corporations, public services and private operators, …