Urban transport

Egis: unequalled expertise for urban transport projects

Egis has the full range of skills needed for every mode of guided urban transport: heavy and light rail metros, high-capacity trams, alternative trams designed for medium-sized agglomerations, people movers, aerial cable cars….

For all of these transport techniques, well beyond the engineering aspect of the infrastructure, Egis has unique expertise to develop complete transport systems. From design through to completion, Egis delivers turnkey solutions for your urban transport projects.

Our recognised skills in design, in civil engineering and in systems elaboration, with experts working together in multi-disciplinary teams, contributes to the Egis value added. Because Egis is aware that each city is unique and has an individual relationship with its transport system, the company lends local support to the decision making process, proposing customised solutions.

Sustainable Development Focus

Urban transport can play an important role in regional climate action plans and sustainable development projects. Over and above the purely public transport aspect, transport systems can encourage upgrading of major thoroughfares, enhance the quality of public spaces and encourage alternative modes of transport, thereby contributing to a more vibrant local economy.
A transportation network can also be a driver for green infrastructure. Introduction of transportation as a structuring element requires governance in three zones: along the transport line, along the corridor and around the urban perimeter. Lastly, transport systems combine different modes to provide transport that suits the needs of all types of users, including the most vulnerable members of society and the most mobile of "urban nomads": demanding responsive transport, dynamic ride sharing or smart urban furniture.