A global issue

Water is a common asset of mankind and has become rare and precious. Thanks to its 60+ years of experience in the water sector, Egis is able to address the key challenges of our planet.

Egis works in France and throughout the world for major French and international prime contractors and for large private companies on the following issues:

  • Access to drinking water and sanitation to all;
  • Prevention of water-related risks;
  • Preservation of water resources and aquatic environments;
  • Prevention of permanent and accidental pollution;
  • Sustainable development of water-related activities (industry, leisure, transportation, etc.);
  • Agro-food production with a limited impact on the environment and the resources.

Sustainable Development Focus

The activities carried out by the Egis experts are consistent with a sustainable development policy and include a balanced resource management that comprises:

    • environmental objectives: reaching the 'good status', reducing pollution, preserving wetlands;
    • social objectives: access to water to all and involvement of all stakeholders in the development of a water strategy and in the planning phase;
    • economic objectives: development of economic uses of water while maintaining the good status of the resource.