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The Egis Foundation is exclusively funded by the Egis Group. 

In each of our actions, we seek to fulfil our mission and further the group’s strategy to fight climate change and improve people’s living environments. 

Our work is governed by a Board, made up of equal parts internal and external members. 

This Board is unusual in that it’s made up of a high number of Egis employees, in equivalent proportion to Egis directors. This reflects our shared ambition to act on climate change. 

Half our Board is also made up of external experts and personalities engaged in the field of sustainability. This outside, expert view, helps us constantly challenge and improve our activities. 

The Board meets regularly to oversee and support our work. We also publish an annual report, validated by the Board, that shares our progress.  


Founding board members.
Laurent GermainChief Executive Officer, Comex Member
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Sabine Bonnard 2
Sabine BonnardChief Human Resources Officer, Comex Member
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Martine Jauroyon 2
Martine JauroyonChief Sustainability, Innovation and Technical excellence Officer, Comex Member
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Employee board members.
Martial Echenique
Marcial EcheniqueProject Manager, Rail
Erin Kunkel
Erin Kunkel Project Manager, Water Resource Management
Gentiane Portron
Gentiane PortronProject Manager, Consulting
External qualified board members.
Alexis Bonnel
Alexis BonnelEnvironmental development advisor at the French Development Agency - member of the CODD
Dorothée Briaumont
Dorothée Briaumont Director of the association SOLAAL - member of the CODD
Alain Grandjean
Alain GrandjeanFounding partner of Carbone 4
Jacques Huybrechts (1)
Jacques HuybrechtsFounding Director of the Parliament of Entrepreneurs of the Future
Elisabeth Laville
Elisabeth Laville Founding Director of Utopies - member of the CODD
Mathis Perdriau
Mathis Perdriau The Collective for an Ecological Awakening
Our operational representative.
Charlotte Grouset
Charlotte GrousetHead of the Egis Foundation

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If you would like to learn more about working with the Foundation, you can contact us here.