Mainland China

Shanghai © Iakov Kalinin Adobe Stock

Our 30 years of history working with China demonstrates a successful track record in delivering large and complex infrastructure projects, from nuclear power plants and high-speed railways to highways, cities and buildings. 

Mainland China continues to be a key growth market in Egis’s reorganised Asia-Pacific region and a significant factor in our global strategy. Our strengthened footprint in Beijing, partnerships with key Chinese SOEs (state-owned enterprises) and our new Asia-Pacific headquarters in Hong Kong also support this positioning. We also aim to continue French participation in joint knowledge development with China to foster opportunities with Chinese EPC companies in international markets where Egis has a strong presence. 

Our key areas of expertise:
  • Airports & air traffic management
  • Ports & waterways
  • Rail transport
  • Road transport
  • Urban transit
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Commercial / private buildings
  • Industrial structures
  • Cities & industrial parks
Our leadership in China.
Dr Shao
Chang-Jian ShaoExecutive Director, Inhabit
Doris Chen
Doris ChenManaging Partner, 10 Design, China / Architecture
James Xiong
James XiongDirector Environment, Asia-Pacific